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Worldwide manufacturer of smart household products

Quality & Innovation for premium brands

Full innovation & production process in the Netherlands

We Manufacture Smart Household Products for Premium Brands

Chamlon is a manufacturer of household tools for Premium Brands. In our production plant, in the eastern part of The Netherlands, we manufacture cleaning cloths and cleaning wipes, microfiber cloths, synthetic chamois, natural chamois, semi-disposable wipes, sponges, floor mops and mop systems, dusters, brushes, etc. Our products are used in different markets and many countries around the world. Furthermore, we distribute a wide range of high quality kitchen utensils and cookware, they help consumers when cooking or baking. We are here to help you!


Chamlon offers her clients products of excellent quality. At the start of the production process, we use the best quality of raw materials and make use of professional machinery. Those are worked by our own educated machine operators. On top of that we have a quality department that continuous checks the quality and guarantees customer satisfaction.

Customized for Brands

Chamlon manufactures and distributes a wide range of cleaning products for the domestic market, the car-care market, and the professional cleaning industry. We develop and manufacture these products for national and international premium brands. We can supply our products on large jumbo rolls, cut and bulk packed, and also completely packed as end-products. Furthermore, we have the possibility to customize our products to your specification by printing or heat-stamping or any other requirements.


We can guarantee the quality of our products because of Chamlon’s professional approach. We have different certificates for our implemented management systems and labels to assure the professional development of our products. With our own well-equipped laboratory and several pilot plants with which we can develop new products and test new ideas. We are always interested to discuss your specific product needs and we are open to developing customer-specific products.