The world with its unique nature, its treasures and its occupants is the most precious good. Climate change, exhausted natural resources, poverty, child labor, hunger, water shortage, are just some challenges which the word faces and society has to deal with. We are aware of our impact on the world and its society. We are responsible and therefore work on a sustainable business. Socially responsibility is hard to measure, it is a mentality which can always be improved. We work in a socially responsible business by continuously improving the different aspects of our business and always have an open mind for changes and new visions.

Raw materials:

  • We obtain our raw materials as closely as possible from our surroundings.
  • With our suppliers, we continuously evaluate the raw materials that we use and are well informed about new developments that can help us lower our ecological footprint.
  • We use, when possible, recycled raw materials.
  • We actively check our suppliers on child labor and working circumstances of their employees.
  • We work on sustainable partnerships with our suppliers, with the goal to create optimal circumstances for a socially responsible business.
  • We actively audit our supplier on social responsibility and also participate in the BSCI program of the Foreign Trade Association.


  • We create good, healthy and motivating working environments for our employees.
  • We critically monitor our production processes and improve these wherever possible, with respect to product safety and our ecological footprint.
  • When possible we use energy from sustainable, green resources
  • We continuously monitor our raw materials usage and waste flows and reduce these wherever possible. We do this by optimizing our processes or to up- or recycling. We strive for 0% waste!
  • We are pro-active in our local society, by supporting social local projects.


  • We develop and manufacture high-quality products, which anticipate the needs of our customers and the end-users.
  • Our products contain no substances which are harmful to humans, animals or the environment. Our products meet all national and international legislation on product safety. Our products are certified conform Oeko-Tex Class 2 Norm
  • We strive to develop products which contribute to the lowest possible ecological footprint during the product life. Among other things one can think of: 

    • Reduction of the concentration of cleaning chemical when using our cleaning products.
    • Energy saving and lower water usage, during the washing of our cleaning cloths.
    • We develop products which contribute to better working circumstances for the user.
    • We develop products with an eye on simplicity.
    • Together with our customers we pro-actively investigate and look for new innovations and try to find solutions for the problems of today and tomorrow.

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