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Improving the sustainability of our business, we see as the Only Way...

The world with its unique nature, its treasures, and its occupants is the most precious good. Climate change, exhausted natural resources, poverty, child labor, hunger, and water shortage, are just some challenges that the world faces and society has to deal with. We are well aware of our impact on the world and its society. We believe that drastically improving the sustainability of our business is the only way to long-term success. We do not want to wait for regulations and legislation, we want to make good choices now.

A story: How we approach a zero waste production

In 2017 we set the goal to have zero waste production. We follow the principle of Reduce > Reuse > Recycle. 

Here is an example of how we achieve this goal. During the production of our microfiber jumbo rolls, we cut off the self-edges creating trims of microfiber material. In the past, this was a waste stream for us. After a long search, we have found several partners that can use our trims as raw materials for the production of sting mops. This way we have been able to upcycle a stream of waste to raw material. 

Microfiber Trims from Jumbo Rolls

Collect Trims and press in Bales

Microfiber Trims in bales, raw material for mop Production

We have set a goal to reach a CO2 neutral operation in 2025

We aim to have a CO2 neutral operation by 2025. We do this in three steps. 

Stage 1: Reduce the use of energy by optimising production processes' energy consumption and replacing old technology with new energy-saving technologies. 
Stage 2: Electrify our production processes where possible.
Stage 3: Componesate the remainder of CO2 emissions that we cannot technically prevent.

The next challenge is to work a CO2 neutral supply chain, by working together with our suppliers and customers to implement CO2 neutral solutions wherever possible.