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Professional Cleaning

Three key aspects for professional cleaning tools

When it comes to professional cleaning tools we have identified three key-aspects;

  1. Quality,
  2. Quality,
  3. Quality...

If you are looking for professional cleaning tools that improve efficiency, are durable and clean like nothing else, then we can help you.

Professional tools are not standard products

Professional cleaning tools will very often be used daily, can come in contact with specific cleaning chemicals, and are often washed up to 500 times before being replaced. This requires a different product development approach. We have developed a wide range of microfiber-PU cloths specially for the Professional cleaning market, that bring outstanding cleaning performance in combination with high durability. Cleaning tools used by professional cleaners should also be developed with ergonomic performance in mind. Product characteristics like flexibility, and the ability to clean the cloth without the need to wash in a washing machine, as well as the wiping frictions we all take into account.   

Looking for sustainable cleaning tools?

In the cleaning-contract tenders of large institutions and governments, sustainability has become a key factor of importance. For cleaning contractors, it is important that they can prove that they have incorporated sustainability into their working methods and the tools they use. 

We have developed products that are made from partly recycled materials, that deliver outstanding clean results without the use of cleaning chemicals and can be washed up to 700x. Also, we have Nordic Swan certified products in our range that can bring an additional sales argument.

Please contact our sales department and they are happy to provide you with more detailed information.