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Home Care

A clean home brings joy

50% of our total sales turnover is realised in the Domestic home care market. Whether you are looking for basic cleaning supplies or new innovative high functional cleaning tools, we can suplly or develop these products for. Craftmanship, high quality and flexibility are key benefits that make our company an outstanding international partner for every discount-, retail-, Cash & Carry-, drug-, DIY-, and speciality-store.

Domestic cleaning tools need to be functional and affordable

Cleaning products specially developed for the consumer market. with the optimal price-quality-ratio. 100% conformity to product requirements and product safety legislation. Products developed for specific application, to optimize cleaning and maximize the use. We stay up-to-the-minute on current market demands, creating new opportunities through understanding the customer, market trends and technological developments.

Use smart tool and save time for the good things in life

Consumers don't want to spend time cleaning. Good quality tools make the job efficient, fast and fun.

Please contact our sales department and they are happy to provide you with more detailed information.