Mission, vision & core values


Our mission is to contribute to a more durable and greater cleaning-efficiency for consumers and professionals. We want to help people create a cleaner and hygienic life environment, which in turn contributes to a more healthy and pleasant living. By developing, producing and distributing smart, affordable and effective cleaning tools we want to reduce the time needed for cleaning and the need for harsh and dangerous cleaning chemicals. This way we can contribute to a hygienic, greener world and more fun in life for everybody.


We want to be a profitable and innovative producer and distributor of good and effective cleaning tools, that bring added value to domestic and professional users all over the world. Our products will be effective but simplistic in use, environmentally sustainable and affordable for as many people possible.

Core values

Chamlon is its people and the values by which we work and live.

COMMITMENT: Commitment leads to results, go at it, put your shoulder to the wheel.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: The customer is central to everything we do.

EQUALITY: Treat someone else as you want to be treated yourself.

INVOLVED: We are involved in our work, our products, our customers and each other.

QUALITY: what we do we do well, quality always wins

REFRESHING: We think ahead, are open to change and innovate.

TEAMWORK: We work together and help each other, everyone’s contribution is equally important

THINKING: Think first then act.

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